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Ryder Caigan Wade

Ryder Caigan Wade

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on here.  Shows how much I can dedicate myself to one thing, eh?

Well, Ryder Caigan is now a year and a half old.  He is the love of my life and the best thing that ever happened to me.  Unfortunately, his “sperm donor” has decided he wants to not only take part in Ryder’s life but wants full custody of him.  So I am currently going through a custody battle and it consumes my brain everyday.  And as it seems, the court system is more likely to offer joint custody than one parent having sole custody, unless the child is in danger of course.  Hmm but what about neglect, what about responsibility?  I guess that just doesn’t matter anymore.  We will see how it turns out, but pray for the best for my Ryder.

In other news, Barrack Obama is now our president……… WoW……Let me start off by saying…”I dont hate obama, he’s a very skilled, and experienced orator. He is always extremely intelligent, and articulate. He is appealing to many races, not just blacks.(lest we forget , he is half white) It is a wonderful thing that America has elected a black president. It shows how far we’ve come as a nation and that makes me proud. I just wish it were another black man, not him”.

Here’s why.

Obama is a mystery, I dont want the keys to the most powerful nation on earth handed over to a “mystery”

Would you go on vacation and leave the keys to your home to a neighbor that had lived in your neighborhood for 5 months? (But you’ll elect him president?)

3. His ties to William Ayers, Rev.
Wright, Rashid Khalidi, His muslim roots (and yes, they run deep my friend)

4. His wife’s comment about “finally being proud to be American” after 40 years, and a job for her dad,a safe upbringing and a harvard education paid for by “American tax dollars” doesnt sit well with being my “first lady”.

5. His liberal views and record against “gun ownership” “inner city programs” “spreading the wealth” “the word God on our money and buildings” and a list too long of left wing liberal ideas don’t sit well with me.

6. His bad mouthing the Constitution of the United States, saying “its ripe with bigotry” doesnt sit well with me.

7. His not saluting the flag with hand over heart (and yes THAT WAS FACTUAL!)regardless of what he was thinking a future presidential hopeful should know better than not to cover his heart! (does he really “pledge allegiance?”) that scares me a bit.

8. His choice for chief of staff is a muslim with some shakey background issues regarding terrorist thinking, etc. Rahm Emmanuel (oh sure he’s just another American right?)check his background people.

He hasn’t so much as run a small business, not so much as a lemonade stand, and yet he’s gonna run the most complicated, diverse, powerful nation in the world?

10. His voting record in the Illinois state senate was pathetic to say the least, voting “present” over 90% of the time so as not to take a stance and remain non – committal to the issues.

11. after 20 years of Rev. Wrights hatred spewing, he never once thought about leaving, and in fact had the man perform his wedding ceremony.
Then tells us, he’s cutting ties “only after he decided it might hurt him at the polls?”

In the tape held onto and not released by the liberal LA Times, he is shown on tape praising the efforts of Rashid Khalidi who’s written works include books supporting the PLO! Possibly the most violent and anti American organization in the world and which spawned the TALIBAN!

Khalidi also has publicly denounced Israel which is one of our only allies in the middle east, and he has admitted he’d like to see it “erased from earth?” yet Obama is his friend? RELEASE THE TAPE LA TIMES??? read khalidis works people, any of them!

These are a few of the reasons why I am nervous as to Obama’s election. The bias media has never covered these issues properly and its not right.

Also, the “rock the vote” campaign has proved to be more ridiculous than ever. We found out that as a result of a black man running for president, hundreds of thousands of inner city minorities simply went to the polls to vote for the “brother” yet didnt even know a single one of his issues? Thanks to Diddy and Kanye, and Russell Simmons, etc.
(The same guys that got rich promoting violence and illegal activities?)

Maybe it was better when the only people that voted actually know where Iraq is on a map. Instead we’ve got uneducated voters, going to polls because “it was the cool thing to do”, now, he may have won regardless, but we’ll never know.

Why is it that poor inner city minorities have been voting democrat for 50 years? YET THEY’RE ALL STILL POOR????

Democrats hold these people down, make them rely on the govt. in order to keep their votes….”Ever met a poor republican? (and you never will)

Its not a race issue, its a character issue, and Obamas character is in serious doubt in my opinion….

What I do find interesting is that it seems to be a “race issue” for blacks? I saw many celebrities say publicly “Im voting for him to be part of history” uh, that makes me nervous.
Id be willing to bet that it was the first time most celebrities even VOTED!

I hope he proves us all wrong, he is now my president, and I am an American….so out of loyalty I will serve in any way I can….but If Im right, God help us all!


Fish Eye Merlot

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So this is my first blog and I’ve decided to do it on an interesting topic…Consumerism. As you see above, I bought this lovely bottle of merlot tonight. Fish Eye Merlot…brightly colored, eccentric writing, appealing to the eyes. Every now and then, when I’m in the grocery store, I stop and look in my shopping cart to realize that most everything I buy is “Eye Candy” or something familiar that has been involuntarily forced into my head with some catchy jingle on the television or radio. The sole purpose of my choosing this particular bottle of merlot was simply because of its flamboyant color and design. Out of hundreds of thousands of choices, I commit myself to this one…and do you want to know why (Other than the obvious reasoning)? I’m the typical consumer! I am the epitome of what marketing vendors and society wants me to be! Some corporation is making money off of me for spending a dollar more for a jug more pleasing to the eyes. I have been bamboozled once again. You win this round…

In other news, Christmas is coming very shortly and as much as I would like to say “Ba, Humbug!” I am slowly acquiring bits of Christmas spirit along the way. Let’s make it a good one for the new addition to the family. I love you Ryder Caigan Wade! Happy Holidays To All

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